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The 5 Best Streetwear Trends of 2017

Posted on December 27 2017

If you’re looking for a universal truth, then heed this carefully. Fashion trends move faster than the wind and with less direction. And with every year comes a new set of style challenges. Fortunately, we are here to make sure you are well equipped to stunt on 2018 by reflecting on the hottest trends of the past 12 months.

All White Everything

Source: GQ

Think of what you’re wearing right now. Now drench it in bleach from head to toe. It’s the all white look - a pure, clean & classic style which is relatively easy to pull off; considering how bold it is. Make sure your silhouette is simple to start, don’t start experimenting with robes, wider jumpers or elaborate pieces until you’re comfortable with it. Rather, focus on cuffing your pants, adding lighter denim tones to your look or contrasting the all-white with black or reflective sunglasses. An especially useful fit for hot, summer days where the heat will get reflected right off your clothing.

Childhood Memories


Who was your favorite Disney character? Maybe it was Mufasa. Or maybe you loved the Power Rangers. Well now is the time where you can show some love to your favorite childhood characters by playfully wearing clip-ons, t-shirts or even outerwear to rep them all wherever you go. This youthful trend emerged early last year, however it has no signs of slowing down for the time being. It’s exuberant, it’s energetic & most of all it’s invigorating, so it’s a trend we definitely recommend hopping onto.

90’s Streetwear

Source: @avanope

If you’ve missed the wave of 90’s streetwear, then you must have found yourself a great spot to meditate in. Because it’s everywhere you look. The obnoxious bomber jackets. The bright, wildly patterned shirts. The illest sneakers & socks. And we cannot get enough of it.

Yes, our eyes may tire of the over-zealous ones, the ones who try do a little too much in the not quite the right way. An example: the bloke in neon socks who is also wearing wing-tipped shoes ‘for the contrast’. But until that happens, drink in this nineties glory. It tastes like a time when 2Pac was alive & people thought the ultra-frizzed out hair would stay. On a serious note, just get some old school Tommy & you’ll be fine. Crinkled windbreakers from another age, Pelle Pelle or snapbacks also will do the trick.

The Backpack


The loyal backpack got the shine it always deserved this year. For those who are coming from the one-sided or messenger bag life; don’t fret you can still sling your brand new backpack to one side. That’s 90’s cool right there, all you need to do is add a little slouch and you may get transported into an episode of Saved by the Bell.

Even the big luxury brands jumped on board, creating highly functional backpacks which are sturdy enough for even the boldest expeditions. Givenchy & Prada are but two of the big fashion houses who have endeavored to bring luxury backpacks into the consumer eye. Better yet, this is inspiring smaller brands to get creative with their backpack offerings, so look forward to be spoilt for choice come Christmas.



Think canary yellow or royal blue when you think bright. It’s the kind of bright that ruins retina’s. The kind of bright that pulls your eye from across the room & leaves your eyes glued on the wearer. It’s bright green jumpers & red full-length dresses; the type of clothing so loud your eyes get deafened. It’s fun, it can thrive on clashing & you can probably get all this gear at your local op-shop.

And there we have it - those are the five big trends that we’ve spotted for this year, so pick your favorite trend & let us know how you would put your unique take on it.

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