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Lo-Fi Hip-Hop: Exploring the Great Artists of the Genre

Posted on May 26 2018


Ah, the classic lo-fi sound. An underground staple, lo-fi is a hip-hop sub-genre that focuses on high distortion, low fidelity sounds to create an atmospheric experience for your ears. Japan is widely regarded as the home of lo-fi hip-hop, with a host of extremely talented producers who have been impacting the culture for the past two decades. In this article, we aim to bring you up to speed with all the legends – from the late-great Nujabes to newer acts such as Knxwledge who now carry the torch. 

An interesting note – the low fidelity sounds of early 90’s hip-hop records can also be classified as lo-fi hip-hop. Many elements of RZA’s production during ‘Enter the 36 Chambers’ can fall into this category thanks to the dusty studio sound which ultimately created the Wu-Tang aesthetic we all know today. The same can be said for MF-Doom’s catalog, and also that of the late J. Dilla. Hit the jump to listen to a selection of the greatest lo-fi tracks to ever be created. 




J a r j a r








J Dilla


MF Doom


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