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A Compilation of Mad Rappers Reacting to the 2018 Grammy Nominations

Posted on November 29 2017

Don't you just love social media sometimes? When you can broadcast your thoughts that quickly, they tend to be unfiltered. Here is a (growing) compilation of all our favorite artists reacting to the nominations. 

Vince Staples


"R.I.P. Phife Dawg. (...) Listen, man. Y'all Grammy motherfuckers? Y'all - Fuck y'all. Yesterday we was on y'all stage. Y'all fucking busted y'all ass to try get us out there to perform. You think a n-gga wanted to fucking go out there and perform after I lost my man?! We closed y'all show. And we don't get no fucking nominations?! The last Tribe album. My man is gone. We been doing this shit for fucking years. Y'all n-ggas don't fucking recognize.

"And y'all think its some sort of caveat because this is the first time that no white man has ever (been) nominated in no major categories and shit and y'all got... We were the most black cultured group out - that's all we stood on. That's all we represented. This fucking album we put out - this LAST TRIBE ALBUM - it stands with everybody else's shit that's up there."

"I don't give a fuck... Respect to everybody who's nominated and all that but whatever I'm speaking for mine. I'm sick of y'all fuckin Grammy n-ggas man. Y'all fuckin' bu- fuckin' get us to get out there and fuckin' perform last year and close the shit and y'all don't get us no fuckin' nomination? 9th, what happened? We fuckin' polyin' and doing all this shit, you know what I'm saying? I got respect for 9th - he my man, know what I'm saying? He was tryna get me to come out there to vote in the rap category for some shit that they doing- I ain't do it, you know what I'm saying. And we don't get shit?! For that album?! For that album?! Tired of fuckin' bitin' my tongue all the time and tryna be nice and shit. I'mma say the shit that n-ggas always be saying but don't be fuckin' saying yet. Yes I'm hot- get off my lawn- Whatever!"

"Now watch - and none of y'all rap n-ggas don't say shit. Fuck that! Don't say shit. Motherfucking right I'm hot. The last fucking Tribe album and y'all n-ggas don't give us no fucking nominations? Yall aint even fucking give Bob Marley a fucking Grammy, Marvin only got fucking one, Jimi ain't got none and shit. Led Zeppelin ain't - y'all n-ggas is corn, y'all... you know what come over to the Kennedy Center, you know what I'm saying, in December. We gon' honor the GOAT LL and shit and give him his fucking nomination and give him his award and shit. Y'all come see what the fuck we doing over there. FUCK y'all Grammy n-ggas. FUCK Y'ALL."

And later...

"Yeah this is for my 9th Wonder, shouts out to 9th. It was no disrespect meant- none of that - so y'all n-ggas stop it. That's my man. I was talking about me and him was parlaying about "what if, what if, what if, what if". Just some other shit, nothing to do with it. Shouts out, love him. And yo, word up, fuck y'all grammy n-ggas. Y'all n-ggas got me on my fucking Michael shit after they snubbed that n-gga for Off The Wall. We getting our Thriller back on y'all n-ggas. Fuck that. Album number one in ten countries, fucking certified performer, and y'all n-ggas snubbed a n-gga. R.I.P Phife Dawg, man. Fuck y'all Grammy n-ggas"

Tyler the Creator

This one is an exception, he made the below comments in 2010. Today he got nominated for a Grammy and he has a show on Adult Swim. He is the definitive example of the force of will.

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