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Hip-Hop & The Early Retirement: When You Just Want To Be Loved

Posted on February 22 2017

The early retirement is a frequent promise in the hip-hop game. Countless artists have promised us 'that this is the last album', and then they fail to follow through on that point. Usually it is to stir up some traction for their upcoming album; remember the 50 Cent x Kanye West that friendly album competition circa Graduation? It was good fun, nonetheless we are not impressed by the surprise, as it raises scepticism more than hope 9 times out of 10.

Rapper retirement comes in all different forms of shapes and sizes. Back in 2003, Jay-Z proudly exclaimed before the release of The Black Album that this would be Jigga’s proud finish at the top of the game - what an ideal way to close out such an illustrious career. Fortunately he couldn't hold onto that notion and we were soon-after blessed with the musical stylings of a Jay-Z and Chris Martin collaboration. This type of behaviour is not relegated to just veterans, on the other side of things we had Kid Cudi, quite young in his career who dropped a brazen blog post, furious about the state of music politics, his colleagues & his unadulterated rage. Cudi’s fans were beset themselves, little did they know that Cudi’s musical output would rarely match his early works.

Or how can you forget Hopsin’s interesting intermission to Australia, when he proclaimed on Instagram that he was quitting the rap game & flying there with his girlfriend, and never looking back. As you can imagine that was all just simply a sick PR stunt to attract eyeballs for his upcoming album. Not cool, Hopsin. It was another disappointment for fans, who ultimately are confused by such actions. Take heed rappers, producers & musicians - we cannot be sure why do you this, but know you are playing with our emotions in the worst way.

It's a tired marketing strategy and one fans are not impressed with. It’s a no brainer, it’s because you’re basically messing with our emotions to drive traffic to your latest project. You miss the core point, that as fans we genuinely have a vested interest in what you create - you don’t need to try manipulate or trick us. This is an open letter from every hip-hop fan to every rapper who ever intends on dropping a surprise retirement which they do not wholeheartedly follow through. Just don’t do it.

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