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How Can I Design Streetwear?

Posted on December 15 2017

Click for a more comprehensive breakdown of streetwear before diving into this article below.

There are plenty ways to begin your journey.

  1. Find a local wholesaler, screen printer or distributor & purchase stock, say 100 units of a well-researched ‘hot’ item. Hustle & sell it straight out the box or online. Better yet, create garment specs & get a sample made. You can do it overseas in Asia for cheap too, usually, $80 for express delivery & you can get a sample in under 10 days. If the quality is good, scale up using either Wordpress or Shopify. Or keep hustling on Instagram.
  2. Connect with a Print-on-Demand service such as Printful. Quick, easy & fast with the payments. All you need is Photoshop, creativity & a willingness to plow through some graphic design tutorials. Research your t-shirt design & find demand first. Use Google Keyword Planner to do so.
  3. Go to your closet, find a piece of clothing that you won’t miss. Get out some scissors, a sewing kit & go wild with it. The end result? You have officially designed streetwear.

Streetwear Websites

Here is a list of excellent resources which you can use to really dive into the process:

Streetwear Books

We have also compiled a list of books which also have proved to give valuable insights into the process of not only designing streetwear but also building a brand.

Streetwear: The Insider's Guide

Although over a decade old, this still remains as the definitive guide for upcoming designers to follow to build their fashion legacy. With in-depth breakdowns from over 40 industry insiders, there is a reason why this book is still considered the Bible for newcomers who are hungry to wrap their heads around a complex industry.

This is Not Fashion: Streetwear Past, Present and Future

Dive into the history of streetwear in this detailed breakdown of how the merging of numerous sub-cultures led to the creation of one the most influential fashion movements of the modern age. With brand analysis, exclusive interviews and in-depth breakdowns, this an essential addition to your reading list.

Streetwear Startup: Learn The A-Z On How To Start A Streetwear Brand

In 15 pages, this succinct guide breaks down all the essential details to help you launch your brand in the digital age. At a much lower price-point when compared to the other guides, this might be the perfect book to get your feet wet.

Cult Streetwear

Through examining 32 streetwear brands, this book explores the common threads between them all which made them cult favorites in the streetwear subculture. This not only explores the trends in USA, but also in Europe and Japan, which is very beneficial in this global economy.


Well, there you have it! Above is enough resources for you to start digging into, and we hope it is enough to provide a healthy foundation for the birth of your streetwear brand. An important note to remember is that to succeed one must stand out. So sure, you can gain some insights from the above information, but ultimately it will be on you to produce a unique product for a market which will not match the same conditions that your predecessors above went through. Good luck!


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