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When Streaming Isn’t Enough: The Best Places Where You Can Download Hip-Hop Music MP3’s

Posted on February 16 2017

Did you know that Inverse Culture first started as a humble music blog? We were the little guys, sifting through huge volumes of music that was flowing into the hip-hop sphere every single day, passionately hunting for what we believed to be the next big thing. Back then all the music blogs happily shared MP3’s, if you can remember the leaders of the blog game - Nah Right, 2DopeBoyz, Hip-Hop DX, it was all free game back then and that's what we all did. Everyone would download the music, however it symbiotically helped musicians increase their fan-base. This meant more tours, more fans, more merch sold - everyone was winning.

That ended promptly after intellectual property laws tightened, but it wasn’t so bad as it was quickly replaced by incredibly powerful music services like Spotify and Apple Music whose robust algorithms & big data vats meant they could recommend music to us based on hundreds of correlating data points. It’s incredible.

However, in hip-hop where mixtapes releases are a dime a dozen and there are truly some memorable jams in the mix. Ninety percent of the time you won't find any of these releases on and your regular streaming website so here are a list of the best hip-hop blogs where you can still download MP3’s. Just be careful you have Adblock enabled, but apart from that happy downloading.


Audio Castle

First up is Audio Castle, the fortress of hip-hop as they proclaim. The team over at aC have been providing the masses with the freshest tracks, albums, mixtapes and videos on the daily for countless years now. Even today, you can still visit and grab anything you want from their third party hosted downloads. They do have a lot of pop-ups so be sure to have your Adblock ready for when you visit.


Mixtape Monkey

If you want to download only mixtapes then check out They have a pure focus mixtapes and they have the latest releases in R&B, hip-hop, soul and urban music. It's all neartly organized through their clean, user friendly user interface. The website is chock-full of personality, so it’s a top pick to cater to your mixtape download needs. A final note - all their mixtapes are self-hosted, so they are lightning quick!



DatPiff has being the leader in mixtapes for as long as the Internet's been around for. Countless up and up-and-coming have hustled on DatPiff on their way to the tap. Just ask Jay Rock, Tyler the Creator or Chance the Rapper. After a decade of providing the community with all of their mixtapes needs, it is fair to say that they are the undubitle ‘Authority on Mixtapes’ in the rap shit.



If you're a lover of forums, and especially hip-hop forums then you cannot miss out on The are a legendary hip-hop resource, who have been dissecting rap for over a decade. For members, they have The Jukebox, a long running private forum on Boxden where all the latest drops get released right on the minute. It is an earned privilege though you do need to have an aged account to access it, however it is well worth the wait.


Hot New Hip-Hop

HNHH or Hot New Hip-Hop is a very popular blog in the modern hip-hop scene. Just like the others mentioned they have daily updates, they don't miss a beat on the mainstream or underground and they provide small write-ups providing featured lyrics with nearly every song released. The added effort provides a deeper insights and there's that there is a vibrant and local community whose comments you can always be excited to read about in the jump.

Where do you trawl for music which is about to pop? Let us know in the comments.

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