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The Untold Story of Stretch: 2Pac's Best Friend

Posted on July 06 2017

See that big fella next to Pac? At 6'8" he was Pac's best friend from 91-94 and was also was robbed at Quad Studios with him. You've probably heard him on 'Pain' or many Thug Life songs. Meet Stretch.

They were inseparable & a killer rap duo. Stretch both rapped & produced, and was the first artist to get a 360 contract before he was murdered exactly 12 months after Pac was ''shot 5 times." He had just dropped off Nas at his home after a recording session – 10 minutes later his car was shredded with bullets. Turns out he had stolen 10 keys of coke from prominent New York drug dealers (Supreme Team affiliates, one of the guys also killed Jam Master Jay - check the FBI records). Yeah, you do the math. The streets wanted him to return it & he refused.

Stretch was not featured in the All Eyez On Me film. 2Pac was godfather to his daughter. Due to the beef, Pac never attended his funeral. It's a sad story, but it's barely the tip of the iceberg.

Pain - 2Pac & Stretch


It Hurts The Most - 2Pac & Stretch


House of Pain - 2Pac, Stretch, Biggie


Ed Lover speaking on 2Pac & Stretch


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