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Streetwear 101 - The Ultimate Guide to What, Why Who & How's of the Genre

Posted on June 18 2017

This is a constantly growing document which will be slowly updated to explain the basics of streetwear & up. We aim to address every single question you could have about streetwear - so we found every major question & compiled it all into this mega-document. You ready to learn up?

What is streetwear fashion?

Streetwear fashion is contemporary, usually casual clothing that is worn by urban youth subcultures. That definition is vague as streetwear is an all encompassing umbrella of styles & themes - similar in vein as the hip-hop genre is to music.

Streetwear enthusiasts love to ‘sample’ styles from other subcultures & give it their personal stamp. We poached sportswear, surf style, some hood sensibilities, skate gear, Japanese street aesthetics & now even high fashion. The beauty is that you can do what you like & create an aesthetic that is true to you. That is streetwear.


What are the best guides about streetwear?

There's no need to go overdone territory, so please see our curated list of the best resources on how to understand streetwear, layering & how to develop your personal flavor.

Why is streetwear so popular?

What is streetwear culture?

Where's the best streetwear located?

The best streetwear can be found online or in your local city. For awesome high-end pieces, we recommend visiting HBX or Dr. Jays. For sneakers check out Sneakerboy. If you want to support your local underground streetwear brands? Then it's got to be Inverse Culture.

Want streetwear on a budget?

Budget streetwear isn't easy, the nature of the industry is to be limited in stock & expensive in price. That being said, the top stores for budget streetwear are ASOS, Street Sumo & Inverse Culture. 

Any streetwear shops near me?

Use this handy map locator tool we created to assist finding you any retail locations in the area.

How can I design streetwear?

There are plenty ways to begin your journey.

  1. Find a local wholesaler, screen printer or distributor & purchase stock, say 100 units of a well-researched ‘hot’ item. Hustle & sell it straight out the box or online. Better yet, create garment specs & get a sample made. You can do it overseas in Asia for cheap too, usually, $80 for express delivery & you can get a sample in under 10 days. If the quality is good, scale up & send that straight to Amazon FBA. Or keep hustling on Instagram.
  2. Connect with a Print-on-Demand service such as Printful. Quick, easy & fast with the payments. All you need is Photoshop, creativity & a willingness to plow through some graphic design tutorials. Research your t-shirt design & find demand first. Use Google Keyword Planner to do so.
  3. Go to your closet, find a piece of clothing that you won’t miss. Get out some scissors, a sewing kit & go wild with it. The end result? You have officially designed streetwear.

How to dress streetwear?

How to layer streetwear?

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