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Q&A: How did the Tupac-Biggie rivalry get started?

Posted on June 15 2018

It's our Q&A series, where the IC crew answer the biggest questions in hip-hop. 

The original trigger of this all predates what is common knowledge of the beef. It happened when Puffy’s security/gangster Wolf gets into an altercation with Suge Knight’s best friend, Jake Robles at an event that Puff is hosting. Wolf murders Robles, Suge blames Puffy and the rest is history.

After this, 2Pac gets setup by Jimmy Henchman at Quad Studios (an unnecessary escalation because 2Pac got trigger happy) and blames Biggie/Puffy for not warning him because he knew Henchman helped bankroll Bad Boy Records. Biggie didn’t know about the hit, but Puffy may have. 

The fact of the matter is that even if Biggie knew, he couldn’t do a damn thing against a big-time gangster like Jimmy Henchman. But it doesn’t matter.

Suge & 2Pac found a mutual enemy in Puffy. 2Pac was also not welcome on the East Coast, it was not safe for him.

Suge pounced on the opportunity. He bailed him out for $1.2mil, signed him to Deathrow & moved him over to L.A, where he was ‘safe’. It was also the start of Pac's demise.

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