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Q&A: Is music going on a downward spiral, or is it just more difficult to find quality music today?

Posted on May 15 2018

This is part 5 of our Q&A series, where we answer the biggest questions in hip-hop. 

We think it's a factor of both. The ease of creating music lowers the bar to enter, which reduces the overall quality.

There's more music to listen to than ever before in time, and humans are notoriously bad at making decisions. So go figure, the paradox of choice is in full effect.

Curated music services do their best by merging the best of human curation with machine learning & they've been doing a phenomenal job at it too.

Unfortunately, it's a weird full circle. People ran to the Internet from the radio because of a ‘lack of choice’ and now the ‘radio’ aka curated playlists has brought a sense of organization to the madness that is streaming music services.

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