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Q&A: Who do you think killed Tupac and Biggie?

Posted on September 12 2018

Here's the latest from our Q&A series, where we answer the biggest questions in hip-hop.

On this day, 22 years ago 2Pac was murdered.

He was killed in retaliation after he and some Blood’s whooped Orlando Anderson (a Crip) after they spotted him at the MGM after the Tyson fight.

Why did they assault him? Because several months earlier, Puff Daddy put out a $10k bounty out to the Southside Crips (they ran Bad Boy’s west coast security) for a Deathrow Chain. Orlando Anderson ended up taking Trevon Lane’s chain (a young Blood’s member) to claim the bounty.

Unfortunately for Anderson (and 2Pac), Trevon Lane pointed him out in the MGM and it was on. 2Pac walked straight up to him and asked:

‘You from the South?’

He then clocked him in the head & that triggered the chain of events that led to his murder.

Funnily enough, Anderson Lane was star struck when 2Pac approached him, see he was a huge fan. Many feel it was unwarranted for 2Pac to approach a feared gang member like Anderson like that - 2Pac was never about that life, perhaps he was trying to live out his lyrics too much at the end.

Biggie, too, was murdered in retaliation - but the reality is they were both pawns.

See, there was another little-known player in this whole story - a man called Zip. Eric ‘Von Zip’ was many things:

He was godfather to Biggie’s kid.

He introduced Faith Evans to Puffy.

He was a notable Harlem drug trafficker and kingpin.

He connected the Southside Crips with Bad Boy for protection.

He was also present at the scene of both 2Pac & Biggie’s murders.

Zip was the one who handed the (unarmed) Southside Crips a pistol on the Tyson fight night to take care of the hit - Puffy had offered $1 mil for Suge and 2Pac’s head. Puffy only said this after one of his associates was nearly beaten to death by Suge’s Bloods after he didn't reveal the address of Puffy’s mothers home.

Zip was meant to give the $1 mil to the Crips on behalf of Puffy for the murders. The story goes Zip kept the money for himself, opened a nightclub in New York called Zipcode with the funds and the Crips then retaliated by also taking out Biggie for not being reimbursed.

The murders of 2Pac and Biggie were mostly gang-related. Good business would have been to keep fanning the flames of their rivalry.

P.S. The original trigger of this all predates what I've mentioned here. It happened when Puffy’s security/gangster Wolf gets into an altercation with Suge Knight’s best friend, Jake Robles at an event that Puff is hosting. Wolf murders Robles, Suge blames Puffy and the rest is history.

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